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2023.4.26 国境はなし!

 新年度が始まり、1ヶ月が過ぎようとしています🌼 皆様、どんな新年度をお迎えでしょうか?














A month has passed since the start of the new fiscal year.

 Recently, Yokohama has been cold and warm, and it is easy for babies and parents who are working hard to take care of their children to get tired easily. In order to bring more energy and smiles to everyone in the family, we provide childcare support, housework support, and other consultation services🙇.

 Our current support area is Tokyo and Yokohama 🚢, and some of them are from outside of Japan and are doing their best to raise their children✨.

So far, we have visited to support people from Germany, Turkey, Italy, Russia, China, India, and Indonesia living in Japan🍀.

 In an environment where language, culture, rules, and many other things are different, they are doing their best to support each other as a family, doing childcare, housework, and work. Sometimes we introduce each other's culture, while we listen to our clients' wishes and look after the whole family to make their life and childcare in Japan enjoyable🙇.

A family that recently graduated successfully🍀.

We were happy to support them before and after the birth of their 5th and 6th child👶🍼.

 It's so lively when all the siblings are together✨.some are shy, but the little ones play with us as much as they can, full of energy✨.and smiles✨✨.

 The parents watching over their treasures are also smiling.🍀I truly feel that the smiles of such parents make their children so happy.🍀

 There are no borders!

 T-kun and B-kun, who were newborns, stopped crying when we responded by holding them in our arms, and as they grew up, they began to make eye contact, laugh, and speak babbling👶👶✨.Their growth is the same as the babies in Japan.

 There are no borders!! 

May there be many more children who can become happy🍀🍀🍀!!!





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