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Company Profile

Name                                   LeaLea Create Co., Ltd.


Representative Director          Chigusa Mori


Address                                〒220-0011 Skymener Yokohama 519,2-11-2 Takashima,                                                  Nishi-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa


TEL                                      080-8708-4410


Date of establishment            March 12, 2021


Business contents             

                       ・ Home-visit type prenatal and postnatal care

                       ・ Child-rearing business contract and planning management

                       ・ Planning and management of events, seminars, lectures, and workshops

                       ・ Planning and operation of websites and community sites

                       ・ Postnatal care business human resource development

                       ・ Other related business

"Lea Lea" means "fun," "happiness," "joy," and "pleasure" in Hawaiian.

All to "increase the number of children who can become happy adults" .

We aim to be close to various child-rearing families one by one.

We also aim for the people who work at this company to contribute with a smile.

May childcare be fun and happy. Sometimes it can be fun.

I hope the children can spend their days happily and smiling. May you live a happy life with your family.

We aim to continue to be a company that can be close to various things 🍀

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