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from the President


Opened nurse, My name is Chigusa Mori of nursing doula ® PRO.


After working at a hospital for a long time, we have launched "Nursing Doula Yokohama Aoba" to help local children and their families smile and feel at ease.

I myself am the mother of a sick child and the mother of three sons. The fluffy, small and cute prime has passed, and my hands are gradually moving away, but looking back, I'm always desperate and angry. I have spent my days just doing what is right in front of me. When I put an end to my work at the hospital and suddenly stopped, I remember thinking of myself as myself for the first time in a long time. So far I ... I am ...

I have loved children since I was a child. And when that smile! !! It's often frustrating to raise a child, but in the end it's no match for their smiles. If such a strong smile spreads all over the world ... I'm excited to think so.

I think that the smiles of the whole family, including moms, dads, grandpas and grandmas, are important for the smiles of children.

I'm Nursing Doula® PRO . And, as a nurse, mother, and woman, I would like to contribute to everyone's smiles with a smile on my own with everything I have lived so far.


Graduated from a junior high and high school, and obtained a regular nurse qualification.

Then about a year and a half, I lived in London.

After returning to Japan, worked at the Industrial Accident Hospital NICU , university hospital NICU / GCU , pediatric outpatient department, and other adult outpatient department.

After retiring from a university hospital

Acquired Nursing Doula® PRO certified by the International Nursing Doula Association .

Established Nursing Doula Yokohama Aoba.

Founder member of Pepe Family Care Study Group.


My previous hobby was scuba diving

I was diving in the sea every month.

My current hobby is camping.

I go to mountains and rivers every month with my three sons.

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