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For pregnant women who are about to give birth, it is the most fun to meet new lives. On the other hand, some people may have great anxiety and tension in pregnancy and childbirth due to changes in hormonal balance and various situations.

It ’s my first pregnancy, let alone my husband.

I think there are people who are completely unknown.

I would like you to look forward to childbirth and before and after childbirth.

It is "postpartum" that you do not know what will happen.

"The cane that doesn't fall" This is my first visit.

We recommend your first visit with your family during pregnancy.

Let's enjoy the postpartum with a smile and peace of mind.

* We recommend using it before giving birth. (It can also be used after childbirth.)

* This first visit is not available for the Yokohama City Prenatal and Postnatal Helper Dispatch Business. It is possible to apply and use before using the Yokohama City Prenatal and Postnatal Helper Dispatch Business. (It will be used at private expense.)

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Visit content



1.  Care counseling 60 minutes only


2. Care counseling 60 minutes and either A or B below


A. Bathing image at home


B. Trial support



医療従事者だから! 看護職だから!





"Bathing image at home" introduces the bathing method at home,

This is to prepare and practice while imagining the postpartum concretely.

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